Kayak Day Trip From Beacon's Reach

A Three Hour Tour

Here's a fun paddle adventure you can take without becoming a castaway! Though less than 10 miles total, the route features an abundance of natural wildlife plus a sight-seeing tour of some of Pine Knoll Shores' finest homes from the canal.

  1. Start at the Beacon's Reach Marina ramp. Don't forget the sunscreen and drinking water!
  2. Head out of the marina, and turn right (east). Proceed parallel to the shore for about 2 miles or 30 minutes, passing the Ramada Inn and the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium (which can be identified by a long dock jutting out into the sound, with a water tower approximately behind it).
  3. About 200 yards beyond the Aquarium cove (which is temporarily walled-off with white stones during renovation), you will find a cove with a very narrow entrance (about 10 feet wide), that is so shallow you may not be able to traverse it at low tide. Follow it into the body of the cove, where you will find egrets and other interesting creatures (if you're lucky) in the wildlife preserve.
  4. Exit the cove turning right (east). Resume paralleling the sound shoreline and round McGinnis Point, with its condos and patio homes.
  5. About 0.7 Miles or 15 minutes after leaving the cove, turn right (south) into the entrance to the Pine Knoll Shores canal. Look for the bulkheading to locate the canal entrance. Follow the canal for a little less than 2 miles or 40 minutes as it meanders through town, passing under the first bridge (Mimosa Road) at about the half-way point. The canal approximates three sides of a rectangle, with a couple of dead-end "spurs" along the way. Pass under the new Oakleaf Drive bridge and back into the sound.
  6.  As you exit the canal, turn left (west) and parallel the shore back to the Beacon's Reach marina (roughly 3.5 miles or an hour or so, depending on the wind, currents and how tired you are).

View from cove to Bogue Sound.

Pine Knoll Shores canal at Mimosa Bridge.